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 Arabian Valley Trading Co. is a chemical and mechanical engineering and Trading company with specialist skills within the following industries:​

  • Oil Field Services
  • Oil Field Supplies
  • Chemicals 
  • Hardware Supplies, Consumables
  • Recycling 
  • General Trading
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Equipment Rental

Semi-autonomous robot for cleaning & inspection​ Multiple functionalities in a single unit​ save money from reduced tank downtime and earn money from marketable crude at the same time.​ compact solution in a single container​ robot axels works on pneumatic ​ capable of doing work in sludge & slurry​ robust and well tried concept​ hydraulic propulsion system, length of hoses and cabling up to 100m​ stainless steel design​ many different modes of pressure wash, suction and disrupting​ Highly sophisticated pc system for mis Minimal exposure to hazardous condition​ Real time data capturing​ Cameras for visual checks​ Thermal sensors & gas sensors​ ​


Sanitary and decontamination tunnels and gates represent a safe protection and entry for everyone, for those who work in close contact with groups and are therefore at higher risk. it can be installed at the entrance of public offices, pharmacies, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, ports, stations. it is suitable for all private companies who need to sanitize the workforce, goods, and materials.​


Capacity up to 500 BBL​ Acid/water base for fluid handling.​ King pin & lifting bar.​ Rubber lining applied to pipes if required​ Single axle with under slug suspension Manholes are located at top for easy access​ 8”/10” pipe manifold (suction)with 4” hammer union.​ Pipe lines are pneumatically tested to suit design standard​ Internal lining material –Derekane/Epoxy (Suitable for the stored content)​ Fill, vent and discharge lines are easily accessible​ All steel welded construction from SA 36/ BS 4360 Gr 43A/eqvt steel plates​


A comprehensive fleet of compressor & drier technology.​ Compressor range – 30,125 & 600SCFM.​ Fast delivery & installation from professional team.​ Our air compressor unit produce 100% Oil- air free.​ Expert maintenance to reduce down time.​

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